This is an exciting moment in the 84 year history of the Pioneers.  We have a completely redesigned website and we have linked Facebook pages in each State.  Communication between us all can now be much easier and faster.

In launching the redesigned website, I am using the opportunity to bring members up to date with some Society news which I hope will be of interest.

That news concerns this website and the Facebook pages, the retirement of our National Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Leonard and the welcome to Sandra Alexander who replaces him, information and results about the National Survey Questionnaire which was sent to members in February 2017, and some recommendations made by me to the National Executive Committee in May 2017 which were adopted.


The Website and Facebook pages

If you are reading this, or looking at one of Facebook pages, I hope you like the result.  The idea of course is to improve communication for all members of the Society wherever they live. Information about all the Society’s events will be readily accessible and members will be able to suggest, plan, organise and confirm local area meetings of their own if they wish.

As well, articles of interest including profiles of members can be easily published along with photographs and other documents.

A big vote of thanks goes to former Victorian President and Society Webmaster Kevin Adams and his colleague Matthew Nock who have put all this together.  Thanks also to Ross Entwhistle for running the Website up to now.

Kevin has written an article about how to make best use of the new Website and Facebook page(s) and I urge you to read it.  Most importantly, please make use of these resources to keep yourself informed about Society activities generally and in your area and get in touch with former colleagues to arrange get togethers.

Important information about Membership Eligibility and Application Advice

If you are considering applying to become a Member of the Society please go to the Membership page of this website.

Click on Membership and you will find listed the BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP and WHO IS ELIGIBLE FOR MEMBERSHIP which details the eligibility criteria that must be met in order to become one.  Underneath that, it is strongly advised that the BACKGROUND NOTES FOR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS be read by you and your two Pioneer nominators.

Then click on the Membership heading and you will see a sub heading “Becoming a member”.  Clicking that takes you to a page where the Application form can be downloaded.

Wrapping up

So there we are: Welcome to the new Website and Facebook pages. Please use these resources to increase your enjoyment as a Pioneer, get in touch with friends, organise get togethers and make your views known to your State Committee (and serve on a Committee if you can!)


Finally from me: please do everything you can to encourage any friends who could be members to become members.


Happy Pioneering!

Tim Read