Our one-off membership fees support many of the Society’s activities, but we also rely on contributions from industry organisations and individuals for our ongoing costs – basic administration, maintaining the website, mail and email communications, and production of the Annual Bulletin.

Your contribution will help Cinema Pioneers remain viable.

  • Cheques and money can be posted to the National Secretary/Treasurer at: 7 Keir Avenue Hurlstone Park NSW 2193.
  • Internet banking details are:

Australian Cinema Pioneers Consolidated Account
BSB 032 014
Account Number 13 0128

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“Whether in the field of production, distribution or exhibition the society regards the cinema industry as a continuous process of adaptation to changing market requirements. For this is a creative and financially hazardous industry, operating on a vast international scale, activated by the powers of imagination and constantly dependent upon its ability to generate new ideas, new methods, new processes and devising new approaches to themes and subjects in production, distribution, marketing and presentation of entertainment.

“In the scheme of things it is reasonable to say that the function of the Society of Australian Cinema Pioneers is not simply to preserve a pride in the cinema industry’s past achievements in this country. It also has the function of guidance to our industry by keeping alive the bright lights of experience, so that it may shine alike on paths not yet attempted as well as on the roads already travelled.

“In short, the memories of its members serve to give safe direction to the cinema industry. They give knowledge to impart to those who follow a knowledge of its character, its strengths and weaknesses. Our memories also serve to give timely warning and to sound our high hopes for the future.” – Herbert Hayward- 29th President of the Society