Cinemas and Theatres of Australia

photographic collection of any venue in Australia that was used on regular basis for the exhibition of motion pictures – AUSTRALIA only.

These buildings both past and present have played a major role in the cultural and social structure of the masses. Many have long ago been demolished, converted to other use, but their place in our history is worth remembering – whether Picture-Palace, Flea-Pit, Open-Air or Drive-In Theatre, they are all important. .

National Film and Sound Archive

The National Film and Sound Archive is Australia’s ‘living’ archive – the custodian of over 2.3 million items that we not only collect, but preserve for future generations and share in many diverse ways.

Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia

The Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1989

The Society’s aims to foster an interest in the architecture, history and heritage of cinemas and theatres in Australia, record the history of cinemas and theatres in the form of books, magazines and audiovisual materials, maintain an archive collection of cinema related documents, photos, etc., to preserve theatre and cinema buildings and artefacts
The Society  organises events to facilitate inspections for documenting and photographing of cinema venues and 
conduct regular meetings for members.

Australian Media Oral History Group

AMOHG is an independent, voluntary association of professional media practitioners, oral historians, academics, archivists, journalists, critics, reviewers and others. The Group aims to encourage and conduct oral histories of practitioners in audiovisual media and those with a significant memory or knowledge of the social histories, operations, cultures and sub-cultures of audiovisual media production and reception.