Ross Barnard – National Secretary/Treasurer

With a long history in film exhibition – from programming screenings at Sydney University in the early 1970s, to working for the National Film Theatre of Australia, followed by seven years as co-proprietor of the Walker St Cinema in North Sydney, and more recently Administrator of the Sydney Film Festival from 1985 to 1999, Ross Barnard was appointed National Secretary/Treasurer of Cinema Pioneers in July 2021.

As National Secretary/Treasurer of the Society, Ross is responsible for the financial management of the organisation, communication with members via email and social media, preparation of the Annual Bulletin, the processing of new member approvals and orders for new membership cards, as well as shipping of all merchandise orders. Ross works closely with all NEC sub-committees, and also co-ordinates arrangements for the Annual Anniversary Dinner in Sydney.

Ross is also honorary Secretary/Treasurer of the NSW/ACT Branch of Cinema Pioneers, and Secretary/Treasurer of The Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society.