• Recognition of employment within the Australian cinema exhibition, distribution and production industries
  • Regular social State gatherings of Society Members
  • National Annual General Meeting and Anniversary Dinner
  • Complimentary cinema admission for members and a guest to nominated national and independent cinemas * conditions apply (please contact the National Honorary Secretary/Treasurer for a list of applicable cinemas and session exclusions)


A person who can satisfy the State Branch Committee that he or she has been engaged in the film industry

  1. as an employee or on his or her own behalf; and
  2. on a regular permanent full-time or part-time basis or on a casual basis, where such engagement has been the person’s principal vocation, principally in Australia over a period of twenty (20) years at the time of his or her nomination for Membership of the Society and, in this regard, service in the Film Industry outside Australia may be taken into account in determining the period of service.

Acceptance of membership is subject to confirmation by the Executive Committee.

All applicants are required to provide the names of two current members of The Society of Australian Cinema Pioneers who are able to verify the information contained in their applications.


A person accepted as a Cinema Pioneer inherits the honour and benefits of belonging to a Society that has been beneficially active in the industry since 1933.  Membership is not given away.  The eligibility rules are carefully applied.  So please note the following points:

  • Applicants should provide sufficient and complete details supporting their application
  • It is only work in the cinema side of our industry that qualifies a person for membership. Work in the Television, Music Video and documentary (not for Theatrical Exhibition) side of the industry will not be counted towards your time.
  • Successful applications will clearly demonstrate that work in the cinema industry has been the applicant’s principal vocation over a minimum period of twenty years
  • Films shown at a recognised film festival will be considered to have been produced for exhibition in cinemas except where not supported by their financing and production history and where the term recognised film festival means either the AFI/AACTA approved film festival list or the AMPAS “Oscar” list.
  • Films that did not originate as productions intended for theatrical exhibition in cinemas may be included in a membership application if they subsequently received full theatrical distribution and exhibition
  • Pioneers who agree to nominate a person for membership must be totally familiar with their nominee’s career history and be satisfied that the eligibility requirements have been met
  • A covering letter or statement in support of the application written by the applicant clarifying any aspects of their career history is recommended.
  • In the case of production personnel applications, a detailed year to year summary of their career history is required. Simply printing out or providing a link to IMDB or referencing it will not be accepted


A once only application fee of $300 must accompany all applications for membership


Click here for information on obtaining your replacement membership card.